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It's hard to know just how your business needs funding and what you should be getting funded for. But don't worry, today we're going to go over all your questions. Help is here.

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I started my career in the banking industry way back in 1989 and immediately fell in love with the industry and knew I wanted to do more. After several changes, I decided to focus on the medical industry as a whole.

Some of What We locate funding for:


25 Group Financial introduces our clients to the services of lenders and various other groups who will directly facilitate requests for loan products and other financial services. Our primary goal for our clients is to provide the financial resources that are available to them that will assist them in getting a Commercial or Business loan.

25 Group Financial does not facilitate any of the services that may be directly or indirectly offered through us other than preparation and presenting the loan proposal to a lender; in fact, we act as the marketing center by connecting the borrower and lender together. We also are not a credit agency or lender and do not approve nor decline loans. We are not lenders, we are simply small to mid-size business advocates. We do not do mortgages we are business loans only (ie. Working Capital, Equipment Leasing, Accounts Receivable, etc).

As Real Estate Investors we simply act as seekers on behalf of investors. We will negotiate between seller and buyer of the property and bring the two together. We are not realtors nor are we associated with any real estate agency.

Account Executives with our company are independent contractors and earn commission only; they are not employees and have a signed agreement on file but do act as independent business persons.

We strive to go above and beyond in all that we do. Help us to help you. Let us be your source for your funding needs!

25 Group Financial

Here at 25 Group Financial, we are dedicated to you and all your different funding needs. With over 25 years in the banking and financial services industry, we are dedicated to helping small businesses (medical) get the funding they need.

We charge no up-front fees for our services. We are strictly production-based which means we are only paid if you get funding.


  • Quick turn-around times on applications
  • Large lender network 
  • A dedicated Business Loan Consultant
  • Contact us and we respond within 24 hours / no long wait times
  • No UP-FRONT FEE consultation 
  • No or low contact we work remotely to protect our clients
  • Confidentiality and protection of your personal & business information
  • Professional Loan Packaging